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    There are some things you can’t outrun. Check out photos from Tuesdays all new episode of The Flash at 8/7c! 

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    New behind the scenes vid from the Legend of Korra video game! [X]

    Release dates
    PS3, PS4, & Steam: Oct 21
    Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Oct 22

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    That is so adorable. Are you in there?

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  6. In the first part of the sentence, "the most" is obscured. In the second part, "365" is obscured.
    "a single" is obscured
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    Senran Kagura: New Wave

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    See you all at London MCM Comic Con (26-28 October 2014) - we’re at Stand 1221.

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    Quick drawing of my 2nd-favorite senran girl.

    Yozakura is wonderful~~ wanted to change her outfit up a bit!

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    When you and your homies all get online around the same time.

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    an underrated moment

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    You don’t fuck with the tray master

    There’s something about the casual destructive power of immense, self-certain competence.

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    luigi- king of evil

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